CAMPNANO (APRIL 2016) UPDATE #2: I write while listening to unfitting music.




Do you write with music?

Are you okay with singing along and typing or do you rock out the instrumental (i.e. video game soundtracks, film/TV OSTs)?

Maybe you like no music at all. Just the sound of your fingers flying over the keyboard…that’s cool.

I’m all of these: it depends on the day, the writing and how it’s going, my mood and sometimes I don’t even notice what’s going on around me to care to adjust it. I’m WAY to into the moment of my story to do much of anything else.

For instance this WIP I just finished a few days ago, I varied between listening to Fifth Harmony’s Worth It

to video game music…

to a Korean pop song…

and finally music that was fitting for my WIP:

For the first time I took a look at myself and I realized I can totally be spontaneous. I always thought I could only write to instrumental. Also I’ve never really been one of those writers who create playlists…and stick to them. I usually end up listening to whatever I want – or I don’t. I’ve written to complete silence before and I probably will again.

I’m not writing to complete silence right now (listening to that K-pop jam) but that’s my point. I can write in silence, I can write to songs with lyrics – catchy lyrics even! – and I can write to instrumental.

I’m not saying what I write isn’t going to be affected. As I type this I’m staring at the printed MS of my most recent finished WIP and as I’m in the middle of my first read-through I might find I even typed up the lyrics to Fifth Harmony’s song somewhere in there. Lol.

In the meanwhile like everything else during this month’s CampNaNo, let it go and allow yourself to be flexible. Do what you got to do to get the words down towards your goal, but make sure you’re enjoying yourself and don’t settle to routine…UNLESS it’s working for you – then settle, my friend, settle down and get comfy for the next ~3.5 weeks left. 🙂

What are you listening to now? Do you have a playlist for your current WIP? Let me know these things in the comments or catch me on Twitter. 🙂

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