CAMPNANO (APRIL 2016) UPDATE #3: Monkey in the middle.




I honestly feel like I’m forgetting this posts the more we get into this month.

This would have been SO easier and way more fun to do if they’d been vlogs (memo to self: vlog if doing July’s Camp). Anyways, working with what I’ve got, I’d like to talk middles this week’s update. Seeing as we’re just past the halfway point of April’s Camp (yay!) and I’m still determined to get the second of my two WIPs this month completed by the end of this month.

So what happens in the middle?

Doubt, that’s what.

I don’t know about you, but this is usually the point of a manuscript where I want to run for the hills. I can’t see the beginning anymore and I’m still too far to sight the ending, and I’m wondering if backtracking would be stupid at this point. That’s how we come to the sagging middle, where you may have lost your way and drive for a bit and it reflects in the story.

Here are some quickly-spun four tips on how to avoid being sunk by your story by the middle:

1. outline…I mean, I’m not a fan of heavy-duty outlining, but plotting beforehand or during (even the slightest) might help free the writer’s block/doubt at work

2. try not to write linearly: who says you have to write from beginning to middle to end? You’re stuck by chapter 10, then skip to chapter 11 or whatever chapter that’s working for you.

3. draw your characters and settings, etc. I find art frees me. If you know how to mix music, do that. Painting your thing? Go to town. Try to find other mediums to express the story and spark that misplaced passion.


4. consider writing side material to free your imagination. take your characters out of their canon world and write a random scene, see how that works in jarring you out of your funk.

Those are my quick tips! Remember you’re in control of your story. No, don’t give me this “characters lead me” stuff. It’s fine so as long as you’re not sitting there twiddling your thumbs waiting for inspiration to strike. Don’t let the story’s middle or the middling process of writing the story surprise you into a standstill. Own it! Make it yours! Do all the things to get it done.

I know she’s cute, but I’m not this monkey’s uncle/aunt.

And neither are you. Unless, you are the adopted uncle/aunt…then all the more to you.

Here’s to our second last week of Camp – make it count, folks!

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