A-to-Z Challenge (2016 edition): V is for The Voices

It’s April A-to-Z month! Interested in signing up? Unfortunately it’s too late. I know! But even if it it, check out the 1400+ bloggers signed up and striving to complete this month-long challenge. They need YOU to cheer them on!

NOTE: Changes are happening! I’m no longer filtering these movies through the W-story structure, because it’s too rigid. Instead I’ll be using Jami Gold’s Basic Beat Sheet. BUT if you liked Mary Carroll Moore’s W-story structuring method, you can find info all about it here.

Disclaimer: This is MY version of a plot break down. You might decide I’m entirely wrong and spewing nonsense, and that’s cool. It’s all relative.


You thought he was crazy as Deadpool, but Ryan Reynolds has lost it in The Voices, also my ‘V’ movie, if you haven’t put it together already.

Um, chopping doesn’t seem like the right word. Let’s saw this down… ax it? Hmm. Let’s just stick to chopping.

Inciting incident: (this movie was disgusting…good, but gross!) so the film starts all campy highlighting the small industrious town of Milton, and we’re introduced to Jerry, the new shipping guy at Milton’s packing factory. Jerry’s actually working with his long-time psychiatrist and he’s grateful to have found a job. He lives with his dog, Bosco and his cat, Mr. Whiskers (silly name! no wonder the cat is evil). He’s also got a huge crush on Fiona, one of the ladies from the accounting department. When he gets up the courage after planning an office picnic together, Jerry waits for Fiona at their date location only to figure she’s stood him up (which she has, but she left a voice message). As fate would have it, Fiona’s car breaks down in the factory and she flags Jerry down and he gives her a ride home.

End of the beginning: On the way to her house, Jerry accidentally runs over a deer. Jerry has a choice: let it die slowly or kill the deer quickly, and he decides to kill the deer in front of a terrified Fiona who starts running for her life because she thinks her life is in danger. Jerry chases her with a knife, begging her to calm down and then he trips and accidentally plunges the knife into her lung as she starts gurgling blood. Then he decides to give her a mercy killing too, like the deer.

Pinch point #1: Despite his psychiatrist’s warning to keep on the pills, Jerry dumps the pills and decides to stick to listening to the voices. After consulting his “talking” dog and cat, Jerry makes a decision to not turn himself in, and he goes back to find Fiona’s body, chop it up and hide her head in his fridge. Meanwhile at work no one thinks about Fiona’s missing status too much – she was homesick for the UK… Fiona’s head has been talking to Jerry too, and she’s asking for a friend. A head friend. Meaning Jerry is contemplating murdering someone else… No, he’s beyond contemplating as he goes upstairs to invite Lisa, one of the other “accounting girls” to dinner. Lisa (played by Anna Kendrick! love her!) actually has a crush on Jerry unlike Fiona. On their way home from the bar, Lisa invites Jerry to her place for some action. But Jerry takes a detour to his old house in the middle of nowhere woods. His plan is to kill Lisa here, but instead we get a flashback of how he lost his mother in the house. See his mother had schizophrenia like Jerry, and she supposedly asked Jerry to kill her right before the cops and psychiatric asylum staff come to take her back years and years ago.

Midpoint: Jerry puts down the knife and lets Lisa lead him to the car and to her apartment where they have a great night. Jerry is convinced he’s in love with Lisa and he’s not going to kill her – never mind what evil Mr. Whiskers says.

Pinch point #2: Meanwhile Fiona-head is still begging for a friend. Then bam! Lisa’s at his apartment. His bloodied, disgusting, evidence-is-everywhere apartment. She’s there to surprise him with some cakes and Jerry is surprised all right, so surprised he locks himself out of his apartment and he takes to the skylight to let himself in. Only Lisa beats him to it, using her bobby pin to unlock his door and walk straight into a horror movie. When she tries to run he blocks off her way and after a struggle he “accidentally” snaps her spine by pushing her against the metal rail of his bed hard and then he slices her throat, giving her a mercy killing as well. Now people are starting to get suspicious at work, and two of the packing guys come up to talk to Allison, one of Lisa’s accounting friends. They search Jerry and come to find he was arrested and admitted to the asylum for murdering his mother. Allison, being a stupid idiot, decides to visit Jerry to find out what happened to Lisa (and Fiona). Jerry kills her too. Now Jerry’s really freaking out because his dog (the good side of him) has given up on hope for the evil side (or Mr. Whiskers).

Crisis: Jerry goes to his psychiatrist and breaks down and confesses. He then kidnaps his doc when he figures she’s going to call the police and get him locked up (like they were going to do to his mom). He’s planning to kill her too, FYI.

Climax: Those two packing guys who were suspicious come by Jerry’s and they find the door unlocked – Jerry’s busy terrorizing his doc – and these two FINALLY call the cops (stupid Allison) and just as Jerry’s brought the doc home to die the cops and SWAT crack down on his apartment/murder shack. Jerry escapes through a vent in his bathroom, but his foot dislodges a gas pipe and the leak eventually leads to an explosion. Jerry lives above a bowling alley, so he’s wondering through the smoky, fiery halls of the bowling alley no longer wanting to escape. The doc pleas for his life but the cops just want to catch him, dead or alive. In the end he feels so guilty he decides to lie down and let the smoke kill him.

Resolution: So yeah, Jerry dies (and so did 3/4 of the accounting girls – only one nameless girl escaped). The End. Cue weird dance in credits. Warning, the happy song is very catchy.

9 thoughts on “A-to-Z Challenge (2016 edition): V is for The Voices

    1. Me too! He’s so talented – even though I realized he’s a bit typecasted into the rude, cool guy role.
      In VOICES he’s playing a misguided sweetheart…y’know, with killer tendencies. If you can choke down the bits of gore, then you might actually enjoy this one. 🙂


  1. Wow, you’re not kidding about spoiler alert! I guess I better decide if I’m going to see a movie before I read all the way to the end! I think when you’re all finished, you should tell us which is your favorite. A little recap for early May. Okay, mid-May, take some time off after this crazy, insane A to Z Challenge. It’s exhausting me!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, I pre-prepared the posts. I knew going into April I’d be doing CampNaNo, so I didn’t need the added stress. 🙂

      But yes, I definitely will. I had favorite(s). Thanks for stopping by, John!

      Liked by 1 person

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