This is the stuff of sandcastles. (Big Dreams Blog Update #31)

It’s Update time!


Hosted by authors Misha Gericke and Beth Fred, the Big Dreams/Do You Have Goals? blog hop is all about seeing your crazy dream(s) come true, and it all starts by your signing up HERE. Come, share the crazy – we promise you’ll only find encouragement and good cheer with us!

My April goals included: 

☀ visiting 5 blogs/Monday-Friday

☀ read 30 books

☀ finish the first draft of my MG novella (novel?) WIP

☀ finish the first draft of HSC, my novella WIP

How did I do?

Well, I can scratch off the weekly blog visits. I actually exceeded my goal, thanks to A-to-Z. I had so much fun visiting blogs and seeing how people were working on their annual themes.

For my 30-book goal I fell short. I got 26 books. This was a tough month for my reading, especially compared to March. I just didn’t have the energy sometimes (not that I didn’t have the time). But I’m not a half-hearted person…I usually do most my tasks with some interest, and I wasn’t interested in reading all too much. Although I suspect that’s going to change, what with April being off-on with writing.

And speaking of writing, I finished the first draft of my MG novel! Not a novella, as I expected. I also finished the first draft of my Christmas novella which will hopefully be released later this year, more news on that when time draws near.


I’ll be out of the country starting the beginning of May and through all of June, so I’m setting the bar lower – ONLY because setting it high will give me undue stress and becuz vacation = un-stress and part-ay! time.

Gonna keep this in mind for the next two months.

So when I’m not catching the sun…and heat/sweat…and fun, I’ll hopefully be scratching off these May goals:

☀ add another 2 reads to 53 books/year goal (remember, sitting at 26 right now)

☀ begin editing and revising the Christmas novella, send to a professional editor

☀ write a couple short stories and post on Wattpad

And though I won’t be doing any skinny-dipping, I’ll definitely be blasting this song…in my head.

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