CAMPNANO (APRIL 2016) UPDATE #5: Counting the mosquito bites, bruises and scraps.




Keeping this short just because it could be lengthier. I could go on and on and on about my thoughts and feelings during April, but I’m not. Luckily I didn’t have too much scrapes and bruising (and mosquito bites) from Camp. It went smoothly! Probably the best Camp thus far, production-wise.

If this is already tl;dr for you, then here’s the short version: I’m briefly touching on how my April went down, ups and downs that Camp covered and two completed WIPs, and what May brings.

1. How did I plot/outline pre-Camp? Did I go into Camp with a game plan or blueprint?

Yes and no. I decided to join Camp in the last few days. I’d been working on a WIP and I knew I’d be done within the 1st week of April (working off a chapter outline, a chapter/day style). So I challenged myself to 15K – NOT counting any words prior to 12:00 am EDT April 1st.

I wanted to finish WIP 1 and start and finish another. I did that pretty quickly on Day 4, also surpassed the 15K so I decided to double that original goal of 15K -> 30K.

WIP 2 sat pretty at 12.6K going in to April but I ended up cutting all those words and starting from scratch on April 17th, after I’d sat on and did preliminary light editing/revision on my first WIP. Finished WIP 2 on April 26th, once again using a chapter outline and a chapter/day schedule.

This was by far my most organized camp, even though I was still sometimes all over the place.

2. Writer’s block – did I stumble across it in my neck of the woods?

Nope! I mean, maybe a little. I suffered a bit of self doubt when starting WIP 2 because “OMGAH I just deleted 12.6K and what was I thinking?!”

3. Playlist? What did you listen to during this month?

Check out my Camp NaNo Update HERE where I talk about my crazy “playlist”. I don’t actually do playlists. I grab a song and if I can write to it, I’m writing to it.

4. Snacks? What brain food powered me through Camp?

I used to nibble on fruits, but honestly I haven’t been snacking while writing for more than a year. I take breaks from the laptop when I need to eat lunch, etc. I don’t like the idea of crumbs or a mess over my keyboard. Also I personally think it’s a bit counter-productive if I busy up the hands I could be using to, I don’t know, work my fingers on the keyboard.

5. Golden hours?

My golden hours for WIP 1 -> morning (8am-12pm) and late evening/night (6pm-9pm).

My golden hours for WIP 2 -> evening (5-8pm) for Chapters 1-7 and then Chapters 8-11 were morning (6am-9am)

So obviously there’s a bit of a pattern, but I basically I wrote whenever I forced myself to sit down and get the daily writing down.

6. What’s happening in May?

I’ll be editing/revising WIP 2 because it’s a potential release this fall as part of a Christmas novella collection.

WIP 1 is in the query process, so I’m not touching it while it’s out with agents.

And I’m in the middle of writing a contemp NA short story for fun. Also plotting and outlining for a standalone MG.

7. What’s my closing writing advice?

Um, write?

Kidding! 🙂

That is you SHOULD be writing, but let me leave you with this – why are you writing? Find a way to rekindle your passion for your story/WIP. I give some tips on that HERE, but overall remember to do what works for you. If you get your best ideas singing in the shower, then sing away in the shower by all means. I know that I usually break out in song and dance to sometimes shift myself out of a funky, non-productive mood.

One thing I’m learning is to not restrain my dynamic creative process. Try it and see if it works.


Here’s hoping April went smoothly for you too.

If you missed out on this Camp, stay tuned for July’s camp. It’s never too early to start prepping (or even start your WIP now).

Also happy May Day!

8 thoughts on “CAMPNANO (APRIL 2016) UPDATE #5: Counting the mosquito bites, bruises and scraps.

    1. The only difference between Camp and the official NaNo event in November is the word count.

      For the Camps (in April and July) you can adjust your word count. The 50K is not compulsory. So if you want to write 5K in July, then set your goal to 5K and set to achieving it.

      At the end, you can pick up all the usual winner swag. Neat huh?! 🙂

      Waaaay less stressful than aiming for 50K IMO.


    1. You totally WON.

      So you didn’t reach the word count, but you managed to write in the craziness of releasing ENDLESS and still maintaining your other blog posts, doing the A-to-Z and all of that. *wipes brow*

      Phew! Listing it all is exhausting me. You’re a trooper! Now go, reward yourself.


  1. I briefly flirted with the idea of doing both the A-Z Challenge and the Camp NaNo. I had not done either before, although I had done a different blog challenge once before and the November NaNo several times. Last minute I came to my senses and dropped the camp. I still like the idea of it and the format – may give it a go in July. So props to you for getting both done. What a busy and productive month you had.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. For sure! I only tried one official NaNo seriously, and I was THIS close to the 50K mark at 41K. But I also realized it’s sometimes timing for me. My schedule was free this month and I knew I could do it if I pushed myself out of my comfort zone a bit. Thanks for stopping by, Lissa. 🙂


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