A-to-Z Challenge (2016 edition): Challenge Aftermath

Another A-to-Z Challenge accepted and bested!

Quick aftermath update of my April:

-visiting blogs: my goal was to visit at least 5 blogs/Monday to Friday, but I actually upped that some days and I added all my Saturdays too. Pretty proud of myself. Honestly though it was made possible by…

-pre-prep work: I had watched the movies and prepared the plot breakdowns before April started. I had everything ready to go a week before April started.

-a stroke of inspiration (also Netflix): thanks to Netflix for making finding most of my movies super easy. Also the stroke of inspiration I got to do the plot breakdowns at the end of February. I knew I wanted to prep in March, but without the theme idea I would have been floating around.

If I participate next year (or ever again) I’d like to continue this habit of preparing beforehand, make sure to gather any resources I need, also see if I can double the 5 blogs/Monday-Friday to 10 blog visits/week days, etc.

It’s all touch and go though.

Thanks to the hostys for the A-to-Z. You did a terrific job putting together another fun Challenge. Here’s to many future years!

I’d so be Sandra Bullock.

4 thoughts on “A-to-Z Challenge (2016 edition): Challenge Aftermath

    1. Very true! I’m glad you figured it out from the get-go. It took my running around in April 2015 to realize I didn’t want to repeat THAT mistake again this go around.


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