Dark & gloomy to #HotAndSticky. (Big Dreams Blog Update #32)


It’s Update Day.

The first one that sees me out of the country *waves from Africa*.

My goals for May were:

☀ Read 2 more books, so 28 books out of 53.

☀ Send the Christmas novella to a professional editor.

☀ Complete, polish and publish 2 short stories on Wattpad. Find and read “Once Is Enough” here & “As They Do Above” here.

And how did I fare?

☀ I didn’t catch up to my reading goal. I’m still trudging along with my Grimm fairy tale book and Laurell K Hamilton’s first Merry book, A Kiss of Shadows. So with time, I might have better news on the reading front in June.

☀ For my Christmas novella, I successfully sent that off to an editor at the start of this month and she got back to me a couple days ago. I’m letting that sit before I jump into the edit list and making revisions. Not gonna lie, totally dreading it. I also should add I threw myself out there and joined a crit group on Wattpad and I shared the first 1K of my Christmas novella. Since most of the opinions on my shared piece were the same (ie. clunky sentences that were stopping readers), at least I know I’m heading in one direction with revisions.

☀ Finally, I decided to discontinue my short story “Once Is Enough” and I didn’t bother touching the other story. So obviously neither are uploaded on Wattpad. :/

Oddly though I’m not as upset with myself as I should be. At the start of this month, a few days into my trip, all the high hopes I had for May sorta shriveled and I crawled into a dark space in my mind. It didn’t help that I was homesick (can you tell I don’t travel much?)…

Then I got sick for real. Not fun getting a cold in a foreign country, even if you are among family. I didn’t pack cold medicine (even though I probably should have) and I didn’t trust the so-called “pharmacies” here. Thankfully, I’m MUCH better now.

Out of the gloomy (and sick) place, I started dabbling around with ideas. I kept myself going my jotting down all the plots wriggling their way into my mind the last 4 weeks from my last completed WIP. It’s helped me keep sane.

So for June I’d like to:

☀ Finish reading A Kiss of Shadows and the Grimm fairy tale book

☀ Participate in the #HotAndSticky summer writing challenge* starting June 1st!

That’s it. Keeping it nice and short this coming month because I’m still going to be abroad and I won’t be home until the beginning of July. Since I stressed myself out the first two weeks of May over my lack of writing and reading, I’d like to make sure June is WAAAAAAY more productive.

Until then.

(also if I’m quiet is because my Internet is unreliable)

*NOTE: on the #HotAndSticky front, I’ll get to an explanation post by the close of this month, I promise. It’ll explain what the #HotAndSticky writing challenge is (and what it most certainly isn’t – get your mind out of the gutter!), as well as why I’m participating in it and what I’m going to be writing for the challenge.

8 thoughts on “Dark & gloomy to #HotAndSticky. (Big Dreams Blog Update #32)

    1. You’re ahead of me, Beth!

      I’m gonna post an explanation, but in short the #HotAndSticky Summer Novel Writing Challenge was created by a couple dudes who call themselves Stripped Cover Lit, and it’s a challenge to write 488/day from June 1st to October 1st for the ultimate goal of writing a 60K novel by the end of the challenge.

      Honestly, I’m writing a bunch of smaller novels (chapter books) because, um, I want to. Lol. But I’m hoping they’ll add up close to that 60K. 🙂

      Consider joining if you can! I’d love to have a buddy to report to and cheer on.


  1. Heya! Where in Africa are you?

    Going on vacation usually throws a wrench in my best-laid writing plans, especially when I’m feeling under the weather too. I hope you’re enjoying your trip, at least. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Somalia? No wonder you didn’t achieve everything you’d planned to do. Travelling is exhausting and sounds like it took a lot of energy out of you. Would be interested to hear how you get on with Wattpad. I published a handful of fairy stories there, but never really felt part of the community.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. With the amount of free time I’ve had, I should have been more productive. Still I’m trying to take it easy on myself with the guilt trip.

      I’ve never really felt part of the WP community either. Most of the users are younger, so that could be way I don’t fit in. 🙂


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