#HotAndSticky Summer Writing Challenge UPDATE #1 AND #2

#HotAndSticky Summer Novel Writing (Update Banner)


First of all I had this post ready to go last Friday but I forgot to post it.

I feel this girl’s pain. Not literally. Because DAMN that’s gonna hurt.

Second bit of news, vlogging isn’t going to happen until next month…when I’m back home and where it doesn’t take 8-10 hrs to upload a video, cool? Cool. 🙂

In the meantime you’ll have to suffer my sometimes coherent blogging.

So what happened these first two weeks and a half of the #HotAndSticky Summer Novel Writing Challenge?

For starters I should be sitting at 8784 words as of the close of June 18th, but I don’t have a lot to report. And nowhere near 9K, that’s for sure.

My plan going into this was to write a chapter book series I’d planned – 6 books over the course of the four months. I even had the outlines for books 1-5 pouring out of me in a span of 3 days. Seriously. I was pumped for this story.

However I got sidetracked by a short story I plan to enter as part of an anthology on Wattpad. I also picked up revision for a Christmas novella. I’ve been avoiding the revising because…um, why do I want to face my inadequacy in a fast drafted first draft?

And then I fell into a period of despair. You see, I haven’t written regularly since the end of April and that was over 6 weeks ago. And what I’ve realized long ago is that if you don’t write regularly, you start to grow weak and the doubt grows until you wonder why you’re bothering to write at all.

So I’ve been avoiding the computer and starting anything because I’m struggling with defining my writing. By which I mean I’m just trying to remember why I love storytelling (or is that story-showing?) and what I’m going to be committing too if I pursue publication and writing as a career.

Okay, enough with the deep stuff! I’m going to get back to writing that short story, revising that novella, and we’ll see by next week if I’m any closer to 15K this month (cuz that’s what I’d need to stay on top of this challenge and not be playing a whole heck lot of catch up later).

Oh, by the way, I totally failed the whole writing every day goal which I believe was the whole point of the #HotAndSticky Summer Novel Writing Challenge.

But I called it in my intro post!

No, not gonna lie to myself this time.

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