Stay cool. (Big Dreams Blog Update #33)


Yahoo! Another Update Day – *rubs hands*

But before I get to updating you on how I did this month, I’d like to post a remainder that this blog hop is OPEN and accepting NEW blood–err, I mean bloggers. Hosted by authors Misha Gericke and Beth Fred, the Do You Have a Goal? blog hop encourages you to share one big crazy dream and then go at it with a team of 19 of us.

So GOOOO, sign up and be merry with the craziness.

Okay, are you back from signing up? NOW let me update you on how I did this month.

My goals for June 2016 were:

☀ Finish reading A Kiss of Shadows and the Grimm fairy tale book

☀ Participate in the #HotAndSticky summer writing challenge* starting June 1st!


And I managed to almost finish A Kiss of Shadows by Laurell K. Hamilton and the Grimm fairy tale book. Good news, I should be done both by the end of this month. I would have been done earlier had I not gotten distracted by Across the Bridge by M. Gicheru (a super fun read that comes highly recommended from me!) and a Greek tycoon-themed Harlequin Romance duology by Jennifer Faye.

So that’s on the reading front.

On the writing front I’ve joined some other brave (or crazy?) writers in the #HotAndSticky Summer Writing Challenge from hosties Dalton Gentry (@TheDalton) and Adrian Fort (@AdrianAnyway) over at Stripped Cover Lit (@StrippedCover). Go follow them and join the challenge if you haven’t.

Here’s my intro post to the Challenge.

As of today/this post, I should be sitting at 11712 as per the 488/day word count for the Challenge. What I did instead is go back in to my Christmas novella and revise as per my editor’s suggestions and my own. I finished that a few days ago and sent it off.

Now I’m writing a short story I proposed for the Sun-kissed Summer Wattpad Anthology waaaay back in April. My pitch got accepted and now I’m due with that story for mid-July. Excited and nervous, but definitely more excited. So I’m working away on that now and plan to finish the first draft by the close of the month, so I can start edits and revisions.

But you don’t care about that do you? You wanna now if I have that 11.7K or not.

Well… I don’t. My revisions on the Christmas novella brought it from 26K to 32K, so that’s around 6K there. And I haven’t started the short story, but I’ve got a limit of 2.5-5K. Since I wanna finish by the close of the month, I’ll have a bit of the Challenge’s word count I can plug there.

TL;DR Basically I won’t be hitting the needed 14640 words for the month of June (that’s 488 x 30 days), but I’ll be one step closer to finishing my Christmas novella and sending it off to the publisher, and one step closer to finishing my Wattpad short story.

As you can see I’m learning to keep my head on and not freak out every time I don’t reach my goals. It’s all about re-adjusting, and finding that energy to tackle that goal all over again ROUND TWO DING-DING.

So my goals for July:

☀ submit the short story for the summer-themed Wattpad anthology

☀ submit revised Christmas novella to publisher (hopefully for good!)

☀ decide between an MG story or a PNR to write for July’s Camp NaNo

☀ write and submit an entry for the #Wattys2016 on Wattpad

☀ stay on top of #HotAndSticky

☀ read 6 Harlequin Romance titles languishing on my Kindle ATM

On another not, it’s officially SUMMER now. First Update Day of the summer. WOOT WOOT!

It’s not my favourite season, but the sun and heat and frequent thunderstorms have their ups. For one, I’m itching to get back home from my vacation, and go on my long evening walks. Best time for me to plot and plan my stories.

Then there’s the iced drinks and ice cream I can pick up. Yum Yum.

Oh, and I seem to have a whole lot more energy during spring-fall. It’s all that sunlight combating the seasonal depression of winter.

So that’s in on my end. But while I have your attention, do me a favour. Stay cool until the next update.

9 thoughts on “Stay cool. (Big Dreams Blog Update #33)

  1. Sounds like you’re busy! Good luck with the Hot and Sticky project, and with the Wattpad submissions. I just wish our summers were hot here in the UK. Temperature in my town has yet to hit 20 degC (that’s 68 in Fahrenheit) :/

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha!
      You get mild winters there?

      I tend to complain about what I don’t have. I used to hate Canadian winters–brr, so cold. But now I’m thinking I’m better off living some place colder rather than some place super hot.


    1. I’m trying to make more time for Wattpad.

      It’s a great place to promote, and the community is so passionate-whenever I doubt myself and my writing, I switch over to reading the stories on there and I find my inspiration well revived. Just like that! 🙂


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