#HotAndSticky Summer Writing Challenge UPDATE #3

#HotAndSticky Summer Novel Writing (Update Banner)

So we’ve started the last week of June, and we’re all ready to quit right?

I hope not.

I’m definitely itching to see what I can do from now until the close of the Challenge on October 1st. That being said, I also am scared of what might go wrong from now until then. What if I start something and I realize it’s all wrong, and then I waste my time finding the right project? What if I DO hit the 60K goal for the Challenge, but it’s useless? What if…what if…what if?

I’m so over myself, guys and gals. I’m over the doubts, the minute planning of the future, and everything that’s holding me back from JUST WRITING.

As I said in the last update, I spent the first two weeks of #HotAndSticky sitting around moping about not writing and doing everything to avoid writing at the same time, to finally picking up a novella I should have been revising, to wondering each day for a week and a half whether I’d finish said revisions or collapse under my first draft FAIL.

I didn’t collapse. And I’m thrilled to report I did get through the revisions, and now they’re off to my CP.

Also got around to starting my short story yesterday, so I’m well into that. Word count wise, I should be sitting at 12.2K as of today, but my revisions pushed me from a 26K novella to a 32K one. So that 6K plus a short story of around 2.5-5K and I’m gonna fall short of June’s final goal of 15K.

Which is fine! I expected as much from this month. I spent the first 9 days doing nothing. And then I sat around from June 21-23 doing nothing as well. I’m on vacation and it’s been hard not to spend most of my time sightseeing (or lounging around…). My Internal Editor has been running out and about, and it’s taking time to leash her.

So, keeping things simple, my hopes for next week is to have the first draft of this short story completed, so I can set it aside for future revisions. This is totally doable if I lock up my internal editor and starve her to near-death.

Until next week then. Drop a comment and let me know if you’ve joined the Challenge and how you’re doing.

For those of you like “what the heck is #HotAndSticky” check out my INTRO post. All the info is there for you to get started and make up lost time! Catch #HotAndSticky hosts, Dalton Gentry (@TheDalton) and Adrian Fort (@AdrianAnyway) at their YT, Stripped Cover Lit (and their Twitter homes). Also don’t forget to jump in with word count updates at #HotAndSticky if you need the support and butt-kicking motivation.

Write on, friends!

6 thoughts on “#HotAndSticky Summer Writing Challenge UPDATE #3

  1. Well, I’ve ended up revising my goals. I decided that my first ms, even after a full edit, was crap. I think that’s a common occurrence with new writers, so instead of fretting, I started a new one. I’m at the halfway point and hit a wall, but I’m pleased with what I have so far. I wrote a flash this month, and submitted a short story to the WOTF contest, so June hasn’t been a total bust. I have a big project scheduled for July, and the anticipatory stress is killing my muse.
    I love your status bars on the side panel of your blog. How did you do that? That would be incredibly motivating for me.

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    1. Yup! I’ve set aside my first two MSs as lost causes as they are–although I’m planning to go in and do a fresh rewrite. I like my hero and heroine too much to not try again.

      So happy that you’re pleased with the second MS!

      For the word count bars, I grabbed them at Svenja Gosen’s site. The link for that is here: http://svenjaliv.com/wordmeter/

      I think I also made my word count meters clickable. They should redirect to that site above. And I do find they motivate me. I like to line them all up every year and see how I did writing-wise once I start making New Years’ resolutions.


  2. Vacation is meant to be relaxing time. You shouldn’t put pressure on yourself to do anything on vacation 🙂 I know, I’ve done it. In past years I’ve always told myself I’m going to spend at least one hour a day during vacation writing. Never happens. It took skipping family vacation one year, and trying to pull off a hour of writing a day the next year with a baby on my hip for me to decide that I’m never putting that pressure on myself again. In short, enjoy your vacation and I hope you’re having/had a blast 🙂

    I’m planning to join the challenge! Thank you again for recommending it, and congrats on what you’ve accomplished so far. It may not be quite what you wanted to get done, but you still got a lot done. Good luck!

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      1. I grabbed the picture from the Google images (clip art), but I imagine as long as I’m not making money from it that it wasn’t a problem if I used it.

        So yes, if you’d like you can use it. 🙂


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