#HotAndSticky Summer Writing Challenge UPDATE #4

#HotAndSticky Summer Novel Writing (Update Banner)

I feel like I’ll warm to these updates, but each week I keep typing these up last minute.

A lot happened this week: I finished my first story/WIP for the #HotAndSticky Summer Writing Challenge. It’s a 5K short story for a Wattpad romantic summer-themed anthology. My story is due July 26th, so that leaves plenty of time for revision.

For my next project I’m looking at using July Camp NaNo as a source of double motivation. I’m going to aim for a 45K Harlequin category romance. Wish me luck?

And that’s about it.

To catch you up if you’re out of the loop – this month a group of us are taking part of the #HotAndSticky Summer Writing Challenge, a four-month long challenge to write 488/day for the end goal of a 60K novel. I talk about this HERE.

Interested in signing up?

All you got to do is get on whatever social media you’re comfortable with and get your commitment out there to the world. You’re in it to finish it! Now get to writing that 60K!

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