#HotAndSticky Summer Writing Challenge UPDATE #5

#HotAndSticky Summer Novel Writing (Update Banner)

Almost missed this post. Yet again.

Like last week, there’s not much to report. I haven’t touched the short story I finished. Hoping to jump into edits and revisions this week. I’ve only worked on a fanfiction while critiquing for my CP.

I haven’t been writing daily still. I joined the #HotAndSticky because I wanted to teach myself to write daily, as opposed to fast drafting and then taking huge breaks between writing projects where I don’t write at all.

Participant 2016 - Web Banner

This month is also Camp NaNo. I usually do update posts for that, but I decided to add my Camp updates to the #HotAndSticky posts.

For Camp I’m aiming for 20K, and that’s mostly 1 or 2 chapter books. If you watch my intro video, I mention said chapter books. I have six books planned, and I would love to belt out the first drafts of book 1 and 2 (if not by the end of July, I’d like them completed for August’s close).

I’m going to get started on that later. Hopefully in a week or so.

Other than that, I’m hoping to aim to enter Harlequin’s #Ooooh…Canada! Blitz. So I’ve got to write the first chapter, the synopsis and a query/covering letter.

So that’s all I’ve got so far. Cool?

See you in a week. 🙂

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