Bout of Books 17 OUTRO: She perseveres… (SUPER LATE UPDATE!)


It’s not Monday, but Tuesday–one day after I promised to post my Bout of Books 17 vlog/blog wrap-up update. Phew. Mouthful that was.

All-righty, that might mean nothing to you unless you participated in Bout of Books 17 this summer, so yeah. But, hey, there’s that day job and back-to-school preparation. ^^

So how did I do in the BoB, my first one ever, and also my first reading challenge… I think pretty good, but a picture is a 1000 words, guys/gals.

Image result for winning face meme
Second epic win: finding a reason to use this meme

Now that Bout of Books 17 is officially done with, I can resume my normal reading schedule. As promised, I have a video/vlog wrapping up my first BoB and how I fared, what I would change for future BoB challenges and a bunch of fun pop questions that I thought I’d use to make the filming easy and relaxed. 🙂

Shall we get started then?


And here are a few stats from the vlog report (in case it was TL;DW):

Books Read

The Nightmarys by Dan Poblocki (red rum red)

Miss Childs Has Gone Wild AND Back to School, Weird Kids Rule by Dan Gutman (playful orange)

Bit the Jackpot by Erin McCarthy (make-you-giggle yellow)

Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging by Julie Berry (puke green…ish)

Boy Meets Boy by David Leviathan (it’s-a-baby-boy blue)

The Case of the Creepy Castle by Judy Katschke (indigo-is-violet, a.k.a. violet-is-indigo)

Pop Questionnaire (as answered in the video; TLDR version)

1. Shortest book you read? Longest book you read?

Shortest was a tie between The Case of the Creepy Castle by Judy Katschke & Dan Gutman’s books, Miss Childs Has Gone Wild and Back to School, Weird Kids Rule. Longest is also kinda confusing–page-count wise it was The Nightmarys by Dan Poblocki at 324 pages, and word-count wise it was likely the PNR read from author Erin McCarthy for Bit the Jackpot.

2. Which book took the longest to read? Which book was the shortest/quickest read?

The longest read was The Nightmarys. The shortest read was a tie again between Miss Childs Has Gone Wild, Back to School, Weird Kids Rule, and The Case of the Creepy Castle.

3. Favourite book?

If I had a gun to my head forcing me to choose, I’d pick Louise Rennison’s Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging.

4. Sexiest book? Scariest? Funniest?

Sexiest book = Bit the Jackpot. Scariest book = The Nightmarys. Funniest book = Miss Childs Has Gone Wild and Back to School, Weird Kids Rule.

5. You’re stuck on an island,stranded and with only one of these books for entertainment. Quick, which book would you take to re-read?

Boy Meets Boy, the beautiful, masterpiece of a debut from David Levithan. Noah is my newest book boyfriend (in the totally platonic, ‘let my live beside you, breathe your air and be my muse’ kind of way).

Thanks for sticking around this far…


Catch you at the Bout of Books 18!

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