What a month! (Big Dreams Blog Update #36)

It’s that time of the month again-Update Day!


I will never tire of saying how quickly these monthly updates seem to sneak up on me. It feels like only yesterday I posted my August Update, but nope, that was a month ago (more than a month actually).

Sidetracking a bit, but if you’re interested in finding out what the Do You Have Goals? blog hop is all about, then click here, meet hosts Misha Gericke and Beth Fred, and sign up!

And here we are, the last day of September and the start of October–my favorite month outside April-August. It’s all about hot chocolate, kitschy but warm sweaters, and some favourite holidays (Canadian Thanksgiving, Halloween).

So let’s see how I did in September. My goals were:

☀ submit that Halloween-themed short story to the Wattpad anthology by September 1st

☀ complete first draft of Wallflower Inn, my 2nd novella (like I said, more on this later)

☀ read 4 books, aim for 1 book/every week

☀ continue on with the #HotAndSticky challenge

Let’s go down the list.

For the Halloween-themed short story, I finished it but I decided to pull out of the anthology. Why? Well, for starters, the story wasn’t short. It clocked in (after preliminary edits) at 13K and if I think about it hard enough, I could likely make it more of a novella. So, yeah, that and personal reasons like I didn’t feel ready to give 100% to promotion beyond its publication on Wattpad. Cool? 🙂

Moving on to completing the first draft of Wallflower Inn, my next novella after my debut, Home Sweet Cocoa with the same publisher. I finished writing the first draft in record time. Seriously, the words danced from my fingertips and covered up that unsightly blank Word document quickly. So I’m planning to dedicate October to editing and revising before I send it off to a professional editor.

As for my 2nd novella, it was part of a collection and the publisher ended up canceling the collection, so I decided to set it aside for now and write it in the future (it was all plotted, but I wanted to give my complete focus to Wallflower Inn).

SO instead I decided to write another story, a 46K MG to be exact on top of Wallflower Inn (which pushed 38K). And all in the span of two weeks for each. I did tell you I was crazy. Loco, my friends. But the word-magic was flying around me for sometime, as I didn’t write at all for the 2 months I was on vacation, so I think all of it was finally boiling over. What a month!

On the reading front, I read 5 books (2 non-fiction titles, 1 cozy mystery, a sexy Harlequin and 1 erotic novella).

Finally, I’m proud to announce I hit the 60K goal for #HotAndSticky. Don’t know what I’m talking about, check out my explanation post of the challenge here.

Now technically #HotAndSticky is done tomorrow (October 1st), but I posted an early wrap-up vlog yesterday HERE (<- not live yet) and I briefly look over how these 4 months on the challenge went for me…since I’ve been pretty quiet the last two months. I didn’t write for 60 days consecutively as I hoped, nor did I slow draft (is that a thing?) any of the completed stories. Everything was, as usual, NaNo’d. I’m crazy that way, and the results are rarely ever great, so one of these days I’ll learn my lesson and stop writing so quickly just to get to THE END (honestly, it’s more like I’m racing against my thoughts and I always lose).

If you don’t want to watch the video, I wrote a total of 136K–double that 60K goal, BUT I only wrote about ~20 days consecutively. You win some, you try some again. 🙂

And my goals for October are:

☀ complete revision for Wallflower Inn and send off to professional editor

☀ read 4 books, aim for 1 book/every week

☀ catch up with my art journal (I fell behind, boo hoo)

 That’s it! I don’t want to pile on too much as I want to concentrate on the revisions for my novella and plot (mostly daydream) about my next writing adventure.

See you next Update Day!

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