Trampled by plot bunnies… (Big Dreams Blog Update #38)


It’s the second to last 2016 Update Day! My, how does a year fly…

*For those of you who are like “What the flippity flap is Update Day?” and are also all “TL;DR”: Update Day is part of the Do You Have Goals? Big Dreams blog hop, hosted by authors Misha Gericke and Beth Fred. Every last Friday of the month, we share the progress for one of our big, maybe crazy, goal. My goal is to hit 1 million words of finished writing projects, and there are 17 other crazy goals and their dreamer you can check out HERE. Will you be lucky number 19 to join us? SIGN UP NOW! We’re always looking for more bloggers.

With a little more than five weeks remaining until we ring in the New Year, I’m entering that mode where I have to evaluate the past years’ achievements and misses.

I’ve been doing this throughout the year, but there’s something that always pushes me into making year-long plans when the (American) Thanksgiving passes and people batter each other black and blue for Black Friday (totally joking; stay safe today!).

Image result for black friday crazy gif
No, seriously. Stay safe. Great sales aren’t worth bruises or broken bones.

As I do that, I’m heading into this Update Day with my prepared list of goals for December, but I’m also looking to the future, ahead into those first few months/quarter of 2017. This is also on the heels of my failure to write all that much in November. I spent the first 2.5 weeks of this month dreading the task of getting my rear in my not-so cushy office chair and writing my next project.

I’ve also been having trouble committing to anything, from reading to cleaning up and getting rid of extra junk lying around and cluttering my creative space (I do a fall/autumnal cleaning too).

I have picked up on the writing these past few days, and that’s going well. I’m also getting back into the swing of having a life–I’ve just been living/breathing until a few days ago it seemed.

So, enough of the weird, existential mess that is my mind. For November I’ve set these goals…

November 2016 goals:

☀ catch up with my art journal (I’m still behind, boo hoo!)

☀ continue to read 4 books; aiming for 1 book/every week

☀ (hopefully) complete the 1st draft of current WIP, a YA title (my first, peeps!)

I’m happy to say I’ve caught up with my art journal. YAY! It’s been months in waiting, but I finally did it. Watched lots of White Collar and Suits to do it, but I did it. 🙂

Image result for white collar gif toast

I didn’t read four books this month; I read two, but I’m getting that checked.

I didn’t even start writing the YA WIP, so yeah. I am in the middle of serializing a NA paranormal on Wattpad, for fun. I’ve been reading stories on there and I wanted to jump in. Wattpad always reminds me that I write because I want to give at least one other reader out there the same squishy, squeezable, giddy high that I get when I’m reading a good story. If I can do that, I’ve succeeded.

And now onto my goals for December.

December 2016 goals:

☀ read 8 books (yeah, I’m challenging myself; I also hoarded a bunch of books from the library, teehee)

☀ keep writing (super vague; bear with me)

☀ finish up art journal for 2016

That’s it. Pretty simple reading and writing goals. And since the next Update Day is at the very close of December, I’ll be bundling it up with my 2017 goals, both for January, and maybe I’ll try something new and pitch into the first quarter of the New Year. We’ll see…

Until then, remain safe, stay healthy and classy.

5 thoughts on “Trampled by plot bunnies… (Big Dreams Blog Update #38)

  1. Congrats on getting caught up with your art journal. I hear you on the motivation slide. I had that this month, too. Do you post pics from your art anywhere? Good luck in December!


  2. Sometimes, it is good to take a breather. Don’t be upset about it. You still accomplished a lot. By the way: is your art journal online? Could we see it?
    I also have stories on wattpad and I’m having fun with them. What is your account link there?


  3. Sometimes just staying alive is a goal.
    I haven’t seen White Collar. Is it good? What’s it about? Is it on Netflix/ Amazon Prime?
    Looks like you and I have a lot of book reading planned this upcoming month!
    As Dori would sing: Just keep writing, just keep writing, just writing, writing, writing…


  4. Sorry for the delay in visiting! My life is a bit of a madhouse at the moment. Headdesk. Don’t worry about not writing much in November. You’d been doing quite well until now, so maybe your brain just needed a break.

    Do we follow each other on Wattpad yet? I’m MishaMFB, if not and you want to follow me.


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