RSS Winter Writing Fest 2017 Update #1: Fly, fly!

RSS Winter Writing Festival 2017



We’re in the thicket of it now.

One week down, and six left to go.

So far, so good. Although sometimes I’m attacked by doubt and its whispering “get out while you’re still ahead”. It’s getting easier to write though, and easier to push those negative thoughts away.

One thing that’s helping is the chat room and writing sprints over at the official Winter Writing Festival site, but I haven’t always been on using it. Over this first weekend, I wrote alone, no one leading sprints, no one to talk to. Just me and my characters, hashing it out.

As far as writing daily goes, it’s going. Swimmingly, in fact. I don’t make an excuse. I shut up, sit down and write what I can.

It’s how I finished two novellas. Not magic and sprinkling fairy dust over the ideas in my head, but real hard work, putting in the hours, the frustration and hopes all of it onto the blank page.

Stuck on your story? Try to write something else, even a short, flirty piece to get the imagination grooving. Step away from the story and do something else, anything else. Clean, cook, laundry, paint your toe nails, whatever. Sometimes I find it easier when I’m not confronted by the next sentence.

However you do it, make it yours. Don’t wait for things to happen, grab your Golden thinking Cap and arrange and command those brilliant thoughts just waiting in her head.

Image result for winged monkey wizard of oz gif
Now fly, fly, fly, my pretties!

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