New year & other stuff. (Big Dreams Blog Update #40)

New year, new update, and some other new stuff!

Now for the last 3.5-ish years I’ve been part of the Do You Have Goals/Big Dreams Blog Hop. Hosted by author Misha Gericke, we call it lots of things actually, but the point of the blog hop is to share at least one (crazy optional) goal and publicly hold yourself accountable to reaching it. It’s WAY more likely you’ll complete a goal if you share it. Saving face is EVERYTHING (for some of us anyways).

Interested in making your goals reality this 2017, JOIN us and take that first step! We promise you a cheering squad!

Let’s move on to see how I fared in January.

My big, sorta crazy goal through this blog hop is still going: I’m aiming to write 1 million* words. All words I have to read at some point. I hadn’t been doing that the first 2 years of this blog hop, but I had 2016 to set myself straight there.

*NOTE: I haven’t calculated where my word count is at in relation to that 1 million. I’ll see to doing that next month, have actual stats posted and all. πŸ™‚

All-righty! What were my goals for this month…?

January 2017 goals:

β˜€start writing that YA contemp WIP I’ve been mulling over

β˜€read the 7 books I have waiting in my most recent library haul

β˜€start on some SUPER early not-spring cleaning…so winter cleaning. Sometimes I wish I lived a more minimalist lifestyle. One of these days… *grimaces at clutter*


I didn’t do the YA WIP. I decided to go the freelancing route for now. So I’ve been writing, just no writing toward that.

I didn’t read 7 books. I got 3 books completed, 2 of which I started in December. So not a lot in the reading department. Something I need to change going forward. It’s great I’m writing, but I need to round my schedule out, and I’m not time managing as well as I could honestly. Gonna change next month, promise!

Paused on the winter cleaning. Just because.


February 2017 goals:

β˜€start and finish holiday novella WIP

β˜€kick off my #ChiVamps series marathon (more deets on that later)

β˜€start to plan for A-Z challenge–have no clue what my theme will be this year…>_<


Β Again, doable goals if I peck away at them little-by-little, day by day. I got this, guys and gals! But in case you’re like “RIGHT” and pulling a doubting Thomas there, I invite you to come back next month and check out how my smaller goals are coming along.

7 thoughts on “New year & other stuff. (Big Dreams Blog Update #40)

  1. Hey, Marna! πŸ™‚

    I didn’t realize you’ve been a part of this blog hop for that long. I believe I started it around the time it was born, but took a break from it for a few years and returned in either late 2015 or early 2016 (one of those years, I forget, lol.)

    Writing one million words is a HUGE challenge (at least to me it is, lol.) I’m wishing you the best on that one! πŸ™‚ I’m sure you’ll get there soon enough. πŸ™‚ I look forward to seeing how you fair in your goals for next month, which I’m sure will be fine.

    Btw, I’m also a new Co-Host for this blog hop! I’ve been letting all the participants of this blog hop aware of it, though I’m sure everyone also received an email about it, lol.


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  2. Looking forward to your count-up of words written – will you be closer to that million target?!
    Like you, I really should be getting on with de-cluttering, but somehow never seem to find the time… and I have a pile of 4 library books by my bed, waiting to be read. If only we had more hours in the day πŸ˜€
    Good luck with your February goals.

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