Yeah, I’m done moping…for now. (Big Dreams Blog Update #41)

It’s Update Day!


Yes, we’re at the end of February – and last Friday of this month means Update over at the DO YOU HAVE A GOAL? blog hop. Hosted by authors Misha Gericke, Jen Garrett, and Brittney Woodson, this blog hop is all about choosing one (possibly crazy) dream and then setting the small goals needed to achieve its greatness!

Want to sign up? Click on the banner for the blog hop above, or right HERE and share your goals; let us cheer you on!!

My big, maybe – crazy goal is writing a million words worth of completed stories. They don’t need to be published; I just need to write it and read it over, decide whether to pursue it.

So, February did not go as I planned at all…and I spent 2 weeks doing nothing but moping. I DID read a lot on my Kindle, so I guess there’s an up here, but I’m doing this full-time and so I don’t have the luxury of moping. I am revising my plan for my freelancing work, but that can often be soul-sucking (content mill hell), and though it does bring in money, I spent a week-ish wondering if it was worth it.

Anyways, here are said goals I set for this month.

February 2017 goals:

☀start and finish holiday novella WIP

☀kick off my #ChiVamps series marathon (more deets on that later)

☀start to plan for A-Z challenge–have no clue what my theme will be this year…>_<

How did I do?

I scrapped the holiday novella before I even started it. I did plot it, but that’s all I got, a brief outline. My heart isn’t into UF right now. I’m stuck between cozies and sexy romance.

As for the A-Z challenge planning, I’ve been tossing different themes around, and I think I might have found one that works. I’ll be developing that more in March, because like last year, I learned it’s way easier planning and writing posts beforehand, so I have more time to visit other blogs participating in the awesome challenge event. You should consider joining if you haven’t already!

Now, my goals in March are…

March 2017 goals:

☀continue with the contemporary romance WIP tentatively titled The Amish Dream

☀read four books (one book a week)

☀prepare the posts for the A-Z challenge (gotta make a run to the library…*hint, hint*

I’m determined to hit all my goals this month. I haven’t started 2017 the way I wanted to, but I’m darn ready to turn that around.

Wish me luck?

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4 thoughts on “Yeah, I’m done moping…for now. (Big Dreams Blog Update #41)

  1. Good luck with your March goals, Marna. I’ve never had the courage to do the A-Z challenge, because of the work involved, but admire people who do. As you point out, it’s not just writing the blogs, but visiting other people’s too.
    Just wondering, when you talk about your abandoned holiday novella, what does UF stand for?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey, I’m doing A-Z too! Can’t decide whether to do a theme or just go random this year. I’ve done both and have had a blast. I hear there’s not going to be a linky list this year… but I’ll put yours in my personal TVBs (To Visit Blogs). 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ll be dropping by yours then as well!
      I’m trying to get ahead this year too. Last year I finished all my post in March, so I was able to visit a heck more blogs then. ^^

      Here’s to equal (or greater) productivity this year!


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