#AtoZChallenge (2017 edition): Theme Reveal

*cue drumroll*

A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal [2017]

I can’t believe it’s almost April. That means A-Z Challenge time! And that also means figuring out if I’m doing a theme or going totally rando.

I like themes though. This will be my third year doing the A-Z Challenge, and the last two years I’ve chosen to go the theme route. It keeps everything nice and tidy. So, I’m choosing a theme again this year.

And that theme is…

Image result for drumroll gif

Greek mythic heroes, places and things/objects.

It took some time. I bounced back and forth between a few theme choices, but I’m stuck on this one. And since I never did end up taking that Greek mythology course in uni, which I’m still butt-sore about, my plan is to crunch through the alphabet and do my own kind of self-study here.

Hopefully I don’t flounder…because, for once, X isn’t the problem letter with this plan. But more on that later!

And if you have time, check out the official A-Z blog for all Challenge-related, fun info. If you haven’t already, jump in and get started. There’s still plenty of time to plan for the A to Z. You got this!

Now, off to figure out how to make a list of blogs to visit.


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