Season of Renewal. (Big Dreams Blog Update #42)


It’s Update Day!

For those of you going “HUH?”, I’m one-fifteenth of a group of crazy dreamers. We all are part of a blog hop that allows you to post and share one goal you’d like to accomplish sometime in the near future. For instance, my crazy goal is to write one million words (and I’ve been at it since August 2013). Still going…

Hosted by authors Misha Gericke, Jen Garrett and Brittney Woodson, the DO YOU HAVE GOALS? blog hop is open to one and all. Come, join us HERE!


Now to remind myself of my goals for this month. Did I reach them, or did fall far short of them?

Let’s see…

March 2017 goals:

☀continue with the contemporary romance WIP tentatively titled The Amish Dream

☀read four books (one a week)

☀prepare the posts for the A-Z challenge


So, I’ve scratched out my accomplished goals in March.

Huh. 2 out of 3 isn’t all that bad, peeps! Considering I’ve had a bumpy 1st quarter of this year, making goals and then hardly pushing myself to reach them.

Reading update:

I read four books, though not one a week as initially planned. I’ve been bingeing on PBs and cozies this month. Such a wonderfully fun combination! 🙂

A-Z Challenge update:

2017 Participation Badge!

As for my A-Z challenge, I am participating and I can say that confidently now because I’ve prepped all my posts. Sweet!

This frees me to approach more blogs and comment, make friends and hopefully learn stuff.

Writing update:

I didn’t touch the WIP I had originally intended to start for March. I decided that I needed to make a choice.

For the past year I’ve been hopping between children’s fiction and adult (sweet) romance, and it’s tiring me out. I need to stick with one age group and go from there for now. It’s just how my mind works. So I’ve chosen, and I decided that March shouldn’t go to waste writing-wise, so I picked up one of my children’s-geared plots.

The update on this WIP is that I’m well underway with the 2nd draft and it’s shaping up better than the first – that’s always a good sign.

I have no immediate plans for it after the 2nd draft, and I only know that my revision work creeps into April. Which brings me to…

Camp NaNo:

Image result for camp nano
The only camp I’ve been to.


It’s already that time of the year again. NaNo fun!

I’m participating, and this year I joined a cabin (full of hopefully chatty writers). Also this year Camp NaNo is expanding, and it’s allowing writers to choose not only their word count (which I think the minimum is 1000 words?), but to switch things up and instead stick with a page count for the upcoming month. Or maybe your thing is a line count?

I’ve chosen a time count: 3 hours/day, for a total goal of 90 hours in April. I can definitely confirm the first two-three weeks will be dedicated to revision work for my current WIP. And the rest…who knows? The possibilities are endlessly within the scope of children’s fiction.

So to sum it up

April 2017 goals:

☀continue revision work for WIP titled Ghoul & Alien

☀read four more books

☀visit 5 participating blogs/day during the A-Z Challenge madness (that’s all of April except the first four Sundays!)


Done and done. I’m ready to tackle April. *rolls up sleeves*

And YES, happy Spring everyone!

And on this season of renewal, let us revitalize our spirits and tackle our goals together (hehe, I sound cheesy)!

Image result for dancing pizza slice gif

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