Falling into reality… (Big Dreams Blog Update #48)


It’s Update Day.

Every last Friday of a month the Got Goals Blog Hop’s members share the updates on their big (sometimes crazy) goals. My goal is to write one million words worth of fiction projects. But I also like to share my reading goals. 🙂

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So I’m back from vacay, and I suffered through some serious jet lag.

Image result for jet lag is no joke rough night gif

Now that I’ve recovered from the nausea and headache inducing fatigue, I need to get out of vacay mode back to a more productive schedule. Hello, reality. (I didn’t miss you.)

Let’s re-cap my goals for this month then.

Here are my September 2017 goals:

☀have the first (third?) draft of Ghoul & Alien completed for CPs

☀read another 4 books



The writing didn’t happen this month (and really last month too). I did clean out the documents of “ideas” I had stored away. A lot of them weren’t going to see the light of day because I had no interest in pursuing them, and I needed to de-clutter physically and emotionally.

I did post some completed novellas I had lying around on Wattpad. You might remember Home Sweet Cocoa. It was a novella I’d published with a small publisher, but what I don’t think I shared was that the publisher closed last October (a couple months after the book had released) and I’d been given the option to have my rights reverted to me. And the second novella was a story I’d had contracted with that publisher, but by then they’d closed their doors.

So, yeah, back to ground zero with a new project. I’m not going to go into the details of it (in case I end up abandoning it). I get distracted too easily. *sigh*


Reading went well.

I couldn’t leave home for my trip without some books. 4 weeks is too long to go without reading. I decided to take both my Kindle app on my tablet and these titles with me:

Image result for the selection trilogy kiera cass

I re-read The Selection trilogy by Kiera Cass because the books are good fun and sappy romance. Just what I needed. If you haven’t read them, and YA romance with a dash of dystopian is your thing, pick this series up. You might like it.


What do I have planned for October then?

October 2017 goals:

☀write something. just write. just. do it. (channeling Shia LaBeouf here.)

☀read at least 4 books (fiction and/or nonfiction)


What are your writing or non-writing plans for October?

It’s already getting chilly here. Seasonal drinks are sprouting up and the first leaves are changing colors. Ahh… autumn is the last hurrah before winter kills sleeps everything. Let’s hurrah together by letting me know what you’re up to this season with a comment.

Image result for autumn is coming
Ned Stark gets me.


4 thoughts on “Falling into reality… (Big Dreams Blog Update #48)

  1. I’m sorry to read about your publisher closing. It’s so demoralizing when a publishing deal goes wrong. (Know that from experience.)

    You can totally get some writing done. I’m rooting for you. ^_^


  2. Yes, bad luck about the publisher, but at least you got the rights back. I think your goal for October is excellent. Sometimes it’s important to remember the key to writing is… well, it’s actually sitting down and WRITING, isn’t it?


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