Squirrel Brain (Big Dreams Blog Update #52)

It’s Update Day!


Every last Friday of the month, several of us bloggers at the Got Goals? Blog Hop gather to share our updates on our big (sometimes whacky) goals! My goal is to write 1 million words by August 2018–that’ll be the five-year mark since I set this goal. I’m nowhere near this goal at 25%, but I’d actually completed my first novel shortly after signing up to this blog hop. It works, fellow bloggers!

If you’re interested, sign up HERE. Make sure to drop in on the hosts of the Got Goals? Blog Hop, authors Misha Gericke and Jen Garrett.

Aside from my writing goals, I’m also trying to read regularly. To remind everyone (and myself), my January goals are down below, then I’ll share how I did.

January 2018 goals:

☀complete two romance novellas and send them out by the end of the first quarter

☀read at least 4 books from TBR pile


As far as reading goes, I was able to read 3 books so far as of this last Friday of January.

Image result for the breeder carina press

The Breeder by Lynne Silver is the latest from digital publisher Carina Press’s erotic new novella line, The Dirty Bits. This one is their first futuristic (dystopian) for the line. It’s short and super sexy. Pick it up if that’s your thing! 🙂

Image result for dani rene pierced ink

Pierced Ink by Dani René is the first of two books…maybe more? The 2nd title is hitting virtual shelves February, so I was all over this! It’s just as sexy as the other novella. Written in first-person, it gives you an up-close and very personal taste of two beautifully torn souls that find their happy ever after together. *swoon*

Image result for a baby to bind his bride

A Baby to Bind His Bride is the latest from Harlequin Presents powerhouse author, Caitlin Crews. It’s actually my first read of hers. Really, I’ve been missing out. Ms. Crews as SUCH a way with words. She clearly chooses them carefully to put together such an emotionally satisfying love story. SPOILER: they get a HEA, readers!


So, the reading is out of the way. Let’s talk my writing.

I wasn’t able to complete my two romance novellas, because my plans have changed. Right after I set that goal, I discovered this little wonder of an opportunity in {FORESHADOW}, the YA online serial anthology venture from authors Emily X.R. Pan and Nova Ren Suma. These two amazing souls have put together this chance for new, unpublished/pre-published YA authors to get their voices out there. I had to submit a YA short story. I’ve always wanted to delve into teen fiction, but adult romance got in the way. Not that I’m complaining…

I knew I’d be writing a teen love story, so I got to work. Now I’m putting the finishing touches on it and will be hitting SEND very soon! *squeeee*

Speaking of adult romance, I’ve started to write a first chapter for THIS other publishing opportunity that sprung up at the start of this week.

Which brings me to my…

February 2018 goals:

☀complete first chapter + synopsis package for SYTYCW’s Harlequin Romance Blitz

☀read at least 4 books from TBR pile


Keeping it short and sweet again. It works for my squirrel brain. Oooh, shiny new idea!!

What are your goals for February? Let me know in the comments so I can cheer you on! Rah-rah!

Image result for cheerleader anime gif



2 thoughts on “Squirrel Brain (Big Dreams Blog Update #52)

  1. I actually have Caraval waiting for me on my e-reader, but haven’t gotten to it yet. :-/
    Looks like you have good goals, though. All the best with your writing!


  2. Good job on the reading! That’s a lot of books to read in a month for those of us who have to adult!

    I also like how you were able to change your January writing goal without obstructing your productivity when you learned of a new opportunity. That shows a really healthy sense of flexibility that doesn’t compromise your ultimate goals even when the details change and that is very admirable.

    Liked by 1 person

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