Happy Belated 3rd Blogiversary to Me ♪♫ ♪♫ (Big Dreams Blog Update #35)

Guys/gals, I almost forgot to post my Update Day post. It’s like how I forgot my 3rd year anniversary on August 14th. I’ve been blogging for 3 years!

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Yes. Got to remember to keep my head on…but I forgot my 3rd anniversary!?!

3 years! How could I forget that? Man, this has been one cloudy month for me, memory-wise. I’ve got fog oozing out of my ears. I’ve become a Netflix zombie, that’s the problem. All that TV, all that marathoning before Fall TV returns.


For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m part of a blog hop called the Big Dreams Blog Hop/Do You Have a Goal? bloggity hop hop. I’m lying about that last part, but the rest of it’s true! There are 18 of us, include author hosts Misha Gericke and Beth Fred (pop over and say hello–they’re awesome, I promise!) and we’d love for you to join. Sign up HERE by sharing one big crazy goal and then every last Friday of the month let us know how you fared. Did you fall behind this month, or are you charging towards your goal? We’ll cheer you on or pass the virtual chocolate to numb the momentary tumble. We got you!

Okay, since it’s late and almost Saturday 27th here, I’ve got to quickly update you all, because aren’t you my captive audience? You all want to know what happened to me this month, right? Yeah…I know you do.

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So, back in July I set these goals for August:

☀ submit a short story to a Halloween-themed Wattpad anthology (cuz I got the short story bug)

☀ complete first draft and submit proposal for potential idea to the small publisher of my Christmas-themed novella

☀ continue on with the #HotAndSticky challenge

☀ participate in the Bout of Books 17 challenge (GOAL: read 1 book/day for a week)

☀ submit chapter proposal to Harlequin’s #Oooh…Canada! Blitz

That still looks like a lot, but doable…

Here’s how I did, and SPOILER alert–it’s not too bad if I do say so myself:

☀ submit a short story to a Halloween-themed Wattpad anthology (cuz I got the short story bug)

☀ complete first draft and submit proposal for potential idea to the small publisher of my Christmas-themed novella

☀ continue on with the #HotAndSticky challenge

☀ participate in the Bout of Books 17 challenge (GOAL: read 1 book/day for a week)

☀ submit chapter proposal to Harlequin’s #Oooh…Canada! Blitz

I submitted my first chapter & synopsis proposal to Harlequin’s #Ooooh…Canada! opportunity. If you’re interested in writing category romance for the big romance publisher, check out deets HERE.

I also submitted not one but TWO proposals to the small publisher who got my debut novella, Home Sweet Cocoa out there to the world. More on those two novellas later.

I’m in the middle of participating in the Bout of Books 17. My first reading challenge, and I don’t want to spoil anything but I’ll have a wrap-up of my week of reading up on the blog Monday. Stay tuned!

Now I didn’t scratch out the first one because I haven’t finished writing my Halloween short. You know I’ve been so used to writing romance, writing outside the genre is hard. My writing muscles need exercise. Luckily, I can write anything from paranormal to mystery or sci-fi (not that I like sci-fi so much, mad appreciation to those who write it though). I have to send that off on Sept 1st, so wish me luck. So far, I’ve got no clue what I’m writing.

And as I’m still in the 3/4 of the #HotAndSticky, it didn’t seem right to scratch it off as if I’m done with it. Nope. Still another 37 days to go once today’s done. Yippee! Time for me to go and finish off writing that 60K goal. Not that the word count is the real goal, it’s just gonna be awesome when I can type/share that I’ve reached it and all. 🙂

Now, quick things, my goals for September are:

☀ submit that Halloween-themed short story to the Wattpad anthology by September 1st

☀ complete first draft of Wallflower Inn, my 2nd novella (like I said, more on this later)

☀ read 4 books, aim for 1 book/every week

☀ continue on with the #HotAndSticky challenge

There we have it. Again, totally doable as long as I take day-by-day and lessen the load. Until next Update Day then. Ta-ta!

Two Years Later…


Happy blogiversary to me!

I can’t believe it’s the two-year mark.
Two years ago I took the plunge and dipped my toe into blogging. I say, dipped, because I didn’t post as much, and my goals for the blog were still scattered a bit.

And it all started with finding this blog hop.

The ‘Do You Have Goals?’ blog hop, also known as the Big Dreams blog hop hosted by authors Misha Gericke and Beth Fred is a five-year journey that started in July 2013.
I found the hoppity-hop a month later, but I quickly took to the idea that other people were challenging themselves — and publically! — to strive to reach their big, crazy goals. And though we only update once a month on our progress, we cheer each other on whenever we can. 🙂
It’s a fun and encouraging atmosphere, and I’d definitely recommend you join if there’s any one goal you’ve been itching to accomplish. Clickety-click here (or that big image of the arrow to go to the sign-up page.)
My goal has been to reach one million words of completed novels, novellas, screenplays, etc. Initially, back in August 15th 2013, I wanted to reach that one million by Mother’s Day 2016. I have no clue why that date is so significant, other than my mom (and dad!) have been HUGE support of my dream to be an author (full-time or otherwise) someday.
Really in their eyes, I’m already an author. ^^
Anyways, one million by May 8th, 2016 became one million…well, by the end of the five-year journey for the blog hop hopefully. So by July 2018. We’re still a while away. And I’m almost at the 25% count.
However I’ve also learned in these past few months that simply adding to the ultimate word count of one million wasn’t getting me closer to having a polish manuscript I was willing to pitch to agents and/or editors. Or even self-publish.
I’ve now set the task of focusing on learning the craft of editing. Of being a better writer (i.e. grasping deep POV in my romances, and so fort) and of making my writing more of a career than a hobby. Especially since I want it to be a career.
As for my reading and reviewing, I’ve enjoyed it immensely, and I’m glad I tried it just to say I did it. BUT I’ll be discontinuing it in 2016. Or I won’t be doing reviewing as regularly — I WILL be reading still and continuing to set reading goals. More on that later in the year.
So, for the coming year of blogging I want to hopefully report on making progress with my editing and with being that much closer to author-dom. *cue heavenly pipes and chanting*
Now, I’m going to go enjoy some cupcakes.
Nothing says celebration like cupcakes.
Or any kind of cake actually…

One Year Later…

I can’t believe it.
A year ago this day I started this blog–don’t believe me scroll back to my 2013 posts.
And it’s CRAZY right?
A year ago I hadn’t finished a novel, ever! Always wanted to, but never have. I mean unless you tally the word count of all my abandoned projects…
This June I finally accomplished that, and I’m currently through a second draft (but really another version) of that first novel. Nuts. Just absolutely certifiably cray-cray.




Some things have stayed the same of course. I still want to build a career from my writing, and that is an umbrella of on-going goals. I mean I really started the blog for that reason. I always hear editors and writers advise treating this like a job from the get-go even before you get a agent and/or contract.



 I want to be able to hold myself accountable. Kinda like graduating from plants to pets to children. I want to nurture my career and not just superglue my palms together and waste my days just praying. Doesn’t God help those who help themselves?
Some things have changed, too.


I’ve learned to ask. Invite my family into my writing world and I pinch myself at my incredible luck in a group of people who are so supportive. My sisters will clear their desks when I ask for a place to sit, or they’ll inquire about my writing,


I learned to use Twitter without looking like an idiot. And I’m participating more in the writing world. I’ve read more–I love to read, but i always put it on the back burner when school came around. (And you can imagine what a little time management and an agenda can do!)
Wrapping this post up because it isn’t an update, I only hope that next year when my 2-year blogiversary rolls around I’ll be able to actually have something to talk about like I did here!