#HotAndSticky Summer Writing Challenge FINAL UPDATE

#HotAndSticky Summer Novel Writing (Update Banner)

Long time no update! But I’m here, and for the last time this #HotAndSticky so I’ll make it count…promise. 🙂

If you want to skip the video, here’s my stats:

When I signed up to this challenge back in the end of May, I wanted to write consecutively for 60 days AND reach that 60K goal by October 1st.

I ended up with a total of 136K closing off today (pause for celebration). But I didn’t reach my 60 day consecutive goal, sadly. I’m not surprised. I knew I wouldn’t be writing through the 123 days of the challenge, but I thought I could aim for half of that. I don’t think I even reached 30 days/a quarter of the 123 days.

Anyways, I’m happy with what I’ve accomplished, and I’ll keep tackling the slow draft route.

Thanks for taking this journey along with me!

Maybe #HotAndSticky will come back next year?

In the mean time, how many of you are planning to take the NaNo 2016 challenge? Hmm… Let me know in the comments section. ^_^

#HotAndSticky Summer Writing Challenge UPDATE #8

#HotAndSticky Summer Novel Writing (Update Banner)

Feeling more and more like that guy up there.

It explains why I’ve been so quiet.

I wish. The truth is I forgot to update…and then after I remembered I was too lazy, so I pushed it back until I decided enough was enough. BUT while I was quiet, I was furiously typing away. Check out my quick update on that!

Next time I might even create a thumbnail to cover these ugly shots. 🙂

#HotAndSticky Summer Writing Challenge UPDATE #7

#HotAndSticky Summer Novel Writing (Update Banner)

Okay, okay.

I skipped out on posting last week. I did it on purpose, as I didn’t have much to say–thought I’d do good by saving my breath and time.

But I’m ready to share an update, so check it out down below:

#HotAndSticky Summer Writing Challenge UPDATE #6

#HotAndSticky Summer Novel Writing (Update Banner)

So this update’s late. I wanted it ready for Friday as I was headed off to my weekend vacation, but I decided “hey, why not wait until you’re back Monday”. Of course it took me FOREVER to debate whether I was going to vlog or not.


Now that I’m back though, I’m going to try vlogging for the remainder of this month – see how it goes, and if I like it continue doing it into the Challenge’s August and September.

Such an attractive thumbnail…

#HotAndSticky Summer Writing Challenge UPDATE #5

#HotAndSticky Summer Novel Writing (Update Banner)

Almost missed this post. Yet again.

Like last week, there’s not much to report. I haven’t touched the short story I finished. Hoping to jump into edits and revisions this week. I’ve only worked on a fanfiction while critiquing for my CP.

I haven’t been writing daily still. I joined the #HotAndSticky because I wanted to teach myself to write daily, as opposed to fast drafting and then taking huge breaks between writing projects where I don’t write at all.

Participant 2016 - Web Banner

This month is also Camp NaNo. I usually do update posts for that, but I decided to add my Camp updates to the #HotAndSticky posts.

For Camp I’m aiming for 20K, and that’s mostly 1 or 2 chapter books. If you watch my intro video, I mention said chapter books. I have six books planned, and I would love to belt out the first drafts of book 1 and 2 (if not by the end of July, I’d like them completed for August’s close).

I’m going to get started on that later. Hopefully in a week or so.

Other than that, I’m hoping to aim to enter Harlequin’s #Ooooh…Canada! Blitz. So I’ve got to write the first chapter, the synopsis and a query/covering letter.

So that’s all I’ve got so far. Cool?

See you in a week. 🙂

#HotAndSticky Summer Writing Challenge LATE INTRO VIDEO

NOTE: Not an actual update – still a few more days of Week 5’s post, okay guys.

Now that I’m finally across the pond and back home, I got around to uploading that vlog intro for the #HotAndSticky Summer Writing fun without it taking 8 hours. So here it is in all its blurry glory. Enjoy.

#HotAndSticky Summer Writing Challenge UPDATE #4

#HotAndSticky Summer Novel Writing (Update Banner)

I feel like I’ll warm to these updates, but each week I keep typing these up last minute.

A lot happened this week: I finished my first story/WIP for the #HotAndSticky Summer Writing Challenge. It’s a 5K short story for a Wattpad romantic summer-themed anthology. My story is due July 26th, so that leaves plenty of time for revision.

For my next project I’m looking at using July Camp NaNo as a source of double motivation. I’m going to aim for a 45K Harlequin category romance. Wish me luck?

And that’s about it.

To catch you up if you’re out of the loop – this month a group of us are taking part of the #HotAndSticky Summer Writing Challenge, a four-month long challenge to write 488/day for the end goal of a 60K novel. I talk about this HERE.

Interested in signing up?

All you got to do is get on whatever social media you’re comfortable with and get your commitment out there to the world. You’re in it to finish it! Now get to writing that 60K!

#HotAndSticky Summer Writing Challenge UPDATE #3

#HotAndSticky Summer Novel Writing (Update Banner)

So we’ve started the last week of June, and we’re all ready to quit right?

I hope not.

I’m definitely itching to see what I can do from now until the close of the Challenge on October 1st. That being said, I also am scared of what might go wrong from now until then. What if I start something and I realize it’s all wrong, and then I waste my time finding the right project? What if I DO hit the 60K goal for the Challenge, but it’s useless? What if…what if…what if?

I’m so over myself, guys and gals. I’m over the doubts, the minute planning of the future, and everything that’s holding me back from JUST WRITING.

As I said in the last update, I spent the first two weeks of #HotAndSticky sitting around moping about not writing and doing everything to avoid writing at the same time, to finally picking up a novella I should have been revising, to wondering each day for a week and a half whether I’d finish said revisions or collapse under my first draft FAIL.

I didn’t collapse. And I’m thrilled to report I did get through the revisions, and now they’re off to my CP.

Also got around to starting my short story yesterday, so I’m well into that. Word count wise, I should be sitting at 12.2K as of today, but my revisions pushed me from a 26K novella to a 32K one. So that 6K plus a short story of around 2.5-5K and I’m gonna fall short of June’s final goal of 15K.

Which is fine! I expected as much from this month. I spent the first 9 days doing nothing. And then I sat around from June 21-23 doing nothing as well. I’m on vacation and it’s been hard not to spend most of my time sightseeing (or lounging around…). My Internal Editor has been running out and about, and it’s taking time to leash her.

So, keeping things simple, my hopes for next week is to have the first draft of this short story completed, so I can set it aside for future revisions. This is totally doable if I lock up my internal editor and starve her to near-death.

Until next week then. Drop a comment and let me know if you’ve joined the Challenge and how you’re doing.

For those of you like “what the heck is #HotAndSticky” check out my INTRO post. All the info is there for you to get started and make up lost time! Catch #HotAndSticky hosts, Dalton Gentry (@TheDalton) and Adrian Fort (@AdrianAnyway) at their YT, Stripped Cover Lit (and their Twitter homes). Also don’t forget to jump in with word count updates at #HotAndSticky if you need the support and butt-kicking motivation.

Write on, friends!

#HotAndSticky Summer Writing Challenge UPDATE #1 AND #2

#HotAndSticky Summer Novel Writing (Update Banner)


First of all I had this post ready to go last Friday but I forgot to post it.

I feel this girl’s pain. Not literally. Because DAMN that’s gonna hurt.

Second bit of news, vlogging isn’t going to happen until next month…when I’m back home and where it doesn’t take 8-10 hrs to upload a video, cool? Cool. 🙂

In the meantime you’ll have to suffer my sometimes coherent blogging.

So what happened these first two weeks and a half of the #HotAndSticky Summer Novel Writing Challenge?

For starters I should be sitting at 8784 words as of the close of June 18th, but I don’t have a lot to report. And nowhere near 9K, that’s for sure.

My plan going into this was to write a chapter book series I’d planned – 6 books over the course of the four months. I even had the outlines for books 1-5 pouring out of me in a span of 3 days. Seriously. I was pumped for this story.

However I got sidetracked by a short story I plan to enter as part of an anthology on Wattpad. I also picked up revision for a Christmas novella. I’ve been avoiding the revising because…um, why do I want to face my inadequacy in a fast drafted first draft?

And then I fell into a period of despair. You see, I haven’t written regularly since the end of April and that was over 6 weeks ago. And what I’ve realized long ago is that if you don’t write regularly, you start to grow weak and the doubt grows until you wonder why you’re bothering to write at all.

So I’ve been avoiding the computer and starting anything because I’m struggling with defining my writing. By which I mean I’m just trying to remember why I love storytelling (or is that story-showing?) and what I’m going to be committing too if I pursue publication and writing as a career.

Okay, enough with the deep stuff! I’m going to get back to writing that short story, revising that novella, and we’ll see by next week if I’m any closer to 15K this month (cuz that’s what I’d need to stay on top of this challenge and not be playing a whole heck lot of catch up later).

Oh, by the way, I totally failed the whole writing every day goal which I believe was the whole point of the #HotAndSticky Summer Novel Writing Challenge.

But I called it in my intro post!

No, not gonna lie to myself this time.

#HotAndSticky Summer Writing Challenge ACCEPTED

#HotAndSticky Summer Novel Writing (Update Banner)

As I hinted in this month’s Update Day, I’m going to be entering the #HotAndSticky Summer Novel Writing Challenge hosted by two pretty cool guys, Adrian Fort and Dalton Gentry over at Stripped Cover Lit.

I promised an explanation of what the Challenge was and all that snazz, so this is me fulfilling my promise.

To make it easy for me (saving my fingers for future novel-typing from June 1st onward!), here’s a quick video explanation/introduction of what #HotAndSticky is and isn’t, why I’m throwing myself into the challenge, and what I plan to write – plus my other rambling:

(video is currently being uploaded…so until that happens)

I’m going to insert my guidelines for the #HotAndSticky.

By this time in my writing career I’ve come to understand that 120+ day commitment of writing is a big deal for me. As I mention in the video intro, the most time I’ve ever spent with a manuscript, its characters, setting(s), conflict(s), etc. has been 29 days (and that was my 1st novel). So what I’d like from the #HotAndSticky is:

  1. to write for 60 days (consecutively or non-consecutively)
  2. to write 500/day towards WIP
  3. to finish at least one manuscript (I’ll be writing early chapter books)
  4. to post weekly with updates for the next 4 months
  5. to leave editing and revision for after September 30th-October 1st

As long as I stick to my guns…keyboard, I should be good to last out these 4 months.


To wrap this up, catch #HotAndSticky masterminds Adrian and Dalton over on Twitter @StrippedCover (or @TheDalton & @AdrianAnyway), Facebook and Youtube.

Also here’s their intro vid for all things #HotAndSticky Summer Novel Writing: