Guess what? I’m actually writing! series (#5 – complete!)

Guess What?! (5):
And it’s a wrap.
One month and 4 previous posts later (which you can all now find HERE for your ease in searching) and I have another complete MS.
But you know these things never end, not if we don’t want them too. Have you ever read a book and wanted to rewrite the ending, or you were rooting for the author to take it another way…*ahem*Pottershouldadied*ahem*…
I ended this yesterday night and almost immediately wanted to jump back in and edit, but I also knew I wasn’t ready so I’ve stepped away. AND I plan to stay away for the rest of the month. I’m thinking a week break is long enough before I decided to jump into first rounds of revisions.
            I did already mention that Bad-Blooded Billionaire became more of a 2ndversion and less a re-write. You’re all thinking, “doesn’t revising mean rewriting?” and it does, but what I mean is that if I went back in and changed the names of the H/h and some other characters transferred from the first version of this story then I would have nearly two different stories.
The plots are just thatdissimilar.
At first this totally freaked me out, especially since I caught on to these big changes earlier. I ‘what if’d’ a whole new hook to the plot and then it took off from there and as you can see with this extra series post, the word count also clearly got WAY out of hand.
If I were contracted I might have deservedly wigged, but I’m not so I let the story go and the characters tell me their ending (with a little nudging from me through a bit of plotting).
And there’s all the good that came out of this. I had something to do for the last bit of summer hooray before school. I found out I’m a bonafide morning writer. I’m better off dragging myself out of bed to get something down rather than push it back to later hours—which btw will work with my coming fall schedule.
Also learned I don’t do word counts. Like set word counts. I’ve been talking about hitting this-that today and so on, but I really don’t do well with setting myself up for a certain amount of words. Instead I set myself up with a time schedule of 3-4 hours every morning where I would only write. No distractions, foreground or background—just me and my word document.
I also work way better if I write daily, no breaks. Even if I get only 100 words down for the day (which I did that very first day…184 to be exact) it helped me keep the momentum going.
I know some authors don’t work this way while their on a project. I’m not one of those writers. The way I see it I’ll write through daily until I’m done the project and thenI’ll take my break.
Now what I didn’t do that I’m regretting is plotting/outlining before writing BBB 2.0. So when I jump into version 3 (or rewrites using what I’ve got from both MSs) I’ve decided to begin by writing a synopsis. A short one that captures what I’d like to do, and given I’m writing category romance I can outline the H/h’s goals and motivations to produce strong internal and external conflicts and dismantle any plot points that don’t work.
So 1) break, 2) synopsis, and 3) rewrite/revision.
Thanks for sticking around with this series. It was super fun capturing my thoughts throughout this process.
I know writers have heard this before, but I’ll say it again: writing is a lonely task. There’s a lot of thinking up here and all that time alone can work wonders on anxiety and nerves…in a bad way.
It helped talking to my sisters near the end of this project, but I also found it almost cathartic being able to sum up my problems. I will enter revisions with no assumptions of its being easy. Yet it feels good going in with a plan.
As for future series-related posts, I’m hoping to cook up something during the revision process. Still there’s time to see how my schedule looks like fall and whether school will eat me alive or not.
Until then, take care and check out the other ‘Guess What?!’ posts if you haven’t read them!

Guess what? I’m actually writing! series (#4 – 100% mark)

Guess What?! (4):


You read that right: 100% mark, bby.
Err…that’s not quite right. And I do believe I can math well.


So 100% passed…but not done.


Yeah, unfortunately the image word count is set to 50K, so I’m stuck with Mr. Happy Hour Hot Potato there and the weird shaped red balloon back there.
Anyways, I don’t know what to say. Oops!
I went over my word count goal, which I hear is a nightmare for contracted writers/authors. And to be honest even though I don’t have this WIP contracted it still totally freaked me out!
I thought I had the plot under control, but it just become something else entirely.
Hmmm, now I wonder why that is?
Oh, that’s right! Maybe it’s cause I refused to plot/outline.
Yup. I’m starting to realize that maybe a little bit of plotting is kinda a must when you want to get a work into a publishable stage in order to approach agents and query.
On the bright side this isn’t the last post for this series! On the not-so bright side I’m not done, but you all don’t care about that. You want that snippet I promised. Since this isn’t the last post, but I did promise I’ll be posting it regardless cause you know I’m a great person like that. xD








She sucked in a breath. “I felt like an intruder. Especially when I thought about living here…”


Saimon drew his brows, his thumb stilling. His jaw slackened with relief, only to tighten in response to her fear. Her reaction had been perfectly normal. Hadn’t he felt uncomfortable thinking about the changes their marriage would bring?
“Next question,” he said, his voice gruff from the sorrow Saimon wasn’t willing to fully humor just yet. Not when Erika was already carrying enough of the burden for the two of them it seemed. “Why did you really accept the surrogacy?”
Erika’s mouth flopped open and an inarticulate sound popped out. Saimon smiled grimly, his eyes narrowing. “In a language we can both understand.”
“I wanted to help them!” She said, giving a bit of a tug on her hand.
“Do I really need a reason to want to help? Saimon, they couldn’t have a family themselves. I wanted to help them complete their love.”
“But surrogacy is a bigger than normal way to help? Why not help point out the phone directory for a surrogacy source?”
She gave him a shrewd look. “You seemed like the expert. Can surrogacy clinics be found in the abundance in a directory of all places?”
“If you look in the right places, yes. It’s not illegal, so I don’t imagine why a doctor wouldn’t be able to advertise the service. You’ve distracted me enough though, and I’m beginning to suspect you’re lying.”
Erika looked down. His hand was ready to stop that. Holding her chin, Saimon pressed his thumb below her quivering bottom lip. The sensations did something else to his erection. Taking a deep breath through his nostrils, he expelled the air along with her name. “Erika, if not for money then why give so much?”
“I wanted to help.” She repeated. As stubborn as she was, her heart was racing and his thumb tapped out the quickening lub-dub.
“You’re lying.”
“Next question.” Erika said, forcing a smile from him. Sardonic though it was, Saimon accepted her challenging determination and acquiesced by asking the next question, another one tickling his mind.
“How did Yukiko and Ranmaru plan to raise their child?”
“I don’t know. We didn’t really talk about it.”
“Well we know they were going to adopt the child and cover the surrogacy this way, so we can surmise your name as the mother would have been A) either obliterated from the records, taking the child as a foundling, or B) some sort of forgery of your name would shield your identity and protect the child’s reputation. Which could it be?”



Guess what? I’m actually writing! series (#3 – 75% mark)

Guess What?! (3):

Can’t believe I’ve written for 18 days straight…actually I can. It just doesn’t feel like summer break is over. I’m in denial, you see, with school starting in 2ish weeks. Ugh.

But we are closing in at the end of this series–err, super mini series. It wasn’t long for a reason. I was testing the waters to see if I could do this series thing.
I am enjoying the updates myself, so it’s likely I’ll be continuing to do this in the future. For now, this is the penultimate post for my current WIP, or round 2 of Bad-Blooded Billionaire (or w/e I’m calling it these days…)

I’m also nearing the end of the WIP.
Though what the end is really I’ll never know… I haven’t written a post on that yet.

How do you know when the end is really ‘The End’?
Usually when the main conflict finds its resolution, but there are books with more clearer endings–those everything wrapped up in a neat bow–and then the more open-ended conclusions.

For instance I think that Franz Kafka’s Amerika ends off all right…but wait! We know that the manuscript is actually unfinished–Kafka died before he could finish it.

What gives right?

I guess it’s all about interpretation. I am working on a romance, however, and I like my HEAs. The main internal conflict needs its resolution and then I can consider it done…for now. Last post I mentioned I already know I’ll be tackling this story again. There’s some major plot points that need to be re-analyzed, characters that need to be questioned…

So next post will be the final post of the series. I’ll hopefully be done the MS by then and can summarize my experience.

I might even share a teaser from Bad-Blooded Billionaire...who knows?

Guess what? I’m actually writing! series (#2 – 50% mark)

Guess What?! (2):

50% here I am!

But man, oh man I really do suck with this commitment thing.
As you can see from the word count meter on the right of the screen, I hit 50% with my WIP 10K ago and I’ve been since remiss with this post.
My excuse is I’ve been dealing with a wonky schedule for the last 4-5 days. Family has been swinging through the house and as you all know by this series’ previous post I am desk less. And that could have worked out two ways: 1) I could have been a lazy bum and took some “time off” writing. Ha!
Or 2) I write something. Anything! 100 words as magic a number as 1000!
I went with option #2—though I deliberated on option #1 every time I sat down to actually do the writing. It’s easier to start off the day saying you’re going to write, but when writing time comes—oh boy. -shakes head-
A lot of mental bribery ensues, maybe material bribery (“100 words more and you can go play catch up with Big Brother”).
I had to make sacrifices, too. So usually I borrow my sister’s desk during the morning and afternoon while she’s off at work, but during the weekends she’s using it and I retain my desk less status.
During these times I drag myself to my bed and write with the laptop on my legs or on the bed, you name the odd position.
Why is this a sacrifice? I hate to write on my bed! I don’t know how some writers do it—I just. I just CAN’T. Somebody call the posture police!
As for the writing itself, it’s going as swell as a pantsing project can go.
This WIP is not really so much a second draft of my first attempt at Bad-Blooded Billionaire. I thought it would be, but now that I’m well past the halfway mark (and that means a Guess What?! post 3 is in the works!) I can’t ignore the fact that this reads more like another story with only a few similar points (i.e. character names, some occupations stay the same)
I also can see more revisions in the near future for BBB.
I think the problem is I haven’t outlined enough. I mean I used to love outlining, and now I’m too scared to touch it for fear I’ll kill the drive to write the story.
I had no synopsis, no chapter outline, no frikkin’ blurb for this story—I just started writing on the start of this month and let my fingers do their thing.
Well, that isn’t going to happen next time. And since I don’t see myself stopping at this point until I hit ‘The End’, I decided to track these problems and will be transferring the points I’ve made from my noggin to a notebook.
But more on that laters, baby. (And no, my billionaire hero isn’t teaching the heroine any Japanese bondage art. ;D)


Guess what? I’m actually writing! series (#1 – 25% mark)

Guess What?! (1):

So I hit the 25% mark on my WIP. Yay!
6 days ago I would laugh at you if you came up and told me I’d be sitting here writing this post.


And now that that’s out of my system, I can celebrate…and as promised update on the process. I decided I’ll do a weekly post, but there might be some hits and misses there on posting time.

Instead I’ll organize the posts per a percentage system, at the very least. When I hit milestones like now at the 1/4 completion mark of the targeted word count, I’ll post a recap of my writing days.

A little back story with this WIP. I actually started it back in July 24th after I decided there was a limit to my reading back-to-back. (I don’t know how professional book reviewers do this!) I was running from my writing and that morning I sat in front of my computer for other reasons than mindless net surfing.

I wrote. And I wrote. I didn’t want to write, but I wrote.
Day 2 came around on July 25th and I wrote again.

I was ~2000 words into the first attempt when I scrapped it all and picked up a couple of Harlequin Romances on my TBR shelf (check book reviews #28 and #29). And rather than writing that morning, I read. And I read.

It wasn’t that I forgot to write, I just didn’t want to write.
So I ran back to reading. The oh-so safe activity of reading. -strokes books and dies of paper cut bleeding-

In my defense at the time I was also studying for two finals so I wasn’t exactly writing focused. Reading was easier and I figured that I needed some time to plot my hero and heroine’s goals/motivations and the story’s main conflict.

Done, and done. August 1st rolls around too quickly, but happily because…I AM FREE FROM SUMMER SCHOOL!

August 1st to 6th: I write every day at all odd hours as I experiment to find my comfort zone, because writing environment is important and I am desk less.


You choose how you imagine my being desk less.

But even in my desklessness–that is so not a word–I managed to pull off writing something. That something turned out to be a lot, but hey! That’s still pretty cool and motivational, right? Right?

Of course I wasn’t thinking motivational at all when I was in the process of writing (active) as opposed to the end of the day when I have written (passive). Take for example on the second morning I was borrowing my sister’s desk while she was out and about and I looked over at her scanty bookshelf (ahaha, hopefully she’ll never read this) where an old copy of Twilight and books 4-7 of HP sit alongside a bunch of textbooks from her school days (oh. and now I make her sound super-old. I’m dead). And then it hit me.

None of those authors quit. And if they had my sister wouldn’t have their books sitting on their shelf.

It was the kick in the pants I needed that morning. Why? Because I want to personally make writing a career. And if I want it as a career I gotta to treat it like a job from the ground running. So when that day comes and I get a contract for my debut, I’ll be as prepared at least in my fortitude.

The rest of publishing will still swamp me, but at least I’ll know that I have to keep writing and that, more importantly, I can.

Oh and that copy of Twilight is mine, okay! There. I said it.