Rules for One Million

So my reason for creating this blog is to document my writing journey, and as I hate wandering without a plan, I decided to make it a goal to reach 1 million words.
I never did explain what that 1 million encompassed.  As in, is everything game?  So long as I write something…
And the reason for that is because my slightly longer term goal is to ground my career, here.  Now.  In the present.  Having a bad habit of starting and not completing my projects have led me to abandon many a story (some that were crap, but some that still possess a lot of potential).
This way I created this page to outline what and what doesn’t work towards my goal of writing 1 million words….


1) Any fiction or nonfiction property, so long as they’re complete (doesn’t matter what stage–it could be a first draft).  This includes fan fiction, short stories, essays, and novellas.

2) Blog posts do not count (even if they fall under non fiction).  UNLESS those blog posts are essay-type articles on topics of interest (not that I have any planned at the moment).  Twitter messages do not count either.

3) These 1 million words are unpublished, and I’ll count from a first draft total, although if revisions have lessened the word count I’ll just as likely go in and amend any changes.  (This means the word count bar on the right of the page will probably fluctuate, but not significantly.)

4) Lastly, and I made this error when I first set this goal, there is no longer a deadline.